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Backup As a Service

Your fully secure and compliant Data backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.

Managed Data Backup and Recovery for Salesforce and Microsoft 365

UK-Based and ISO 27001 certified Backup and Recovery solutions.

We're experts in providing highly customised and cyber secure backups for a range of UK-businesses, enabling them to meet all of their backup requirements, gain peace of mind, and freeing up their internal resources. We can take the burden and uncertainty out of configuring, managing and restoring backups for your business with our highly customisable and granular backup and recovery capabilities.

We use Veeam, a powerful and world leading data backup platform and are one of only a handful of certified Veeam Cloud and Service providers in the UK. Our ISO 27001 certified UK datacentres ensure industry-grade security and compliance with data sovereignty requirements.

Back up service server

Prevent Data Loss and Secure Your Data

Data loss can take a business off track and cost a lot of time, money and damage to customer relationships. Our fully managed backup and recovery solutions is designed to give your business continuity, peace of mind and unprecedented convenience. Say goodbye to data loss and uncertainty, and say hello to full recoverability and data integrity!

Eliminate Data Loss

Full and Reliable Backups

Prevent user errors, integrations and data overwrites, as well as cyber threats from creating permanent losses of data in your business.

Rapid Recovery

Get Back on the Road Quickly

Our managed backup and recovery service makes it easy to restore your data quick and easy. Our specialist will be able to undertake precise granular recoveries to your chosen restore points

Highly Customisable

Compliant and Tailored Backups

Whether you operate a complex hybrid hosting infrastructure, have nuanced backup and stringent compliance requirements, our team will be able to translate your needs into a secure and compliant backup solution that meets your needs.

Taking you From Data Uncertainty to Data Integrity

We Listen

We learn about your business, how it works and your operational and legal requirements to design a backup and recovery solution that fits your needs.

We Implement

We bring your plan to life and backup your data, ensuring it automatically backs up as intended and can be restored easily when you need it.

We Design

We create a backup and recovery solution that is compliant, secure and suited to your needs and requirements.

We Support

Questions? Requests? Recovery needs? Our team will be there to support you! You will also have access to our Veeam powered backup and recovery platform.

Need a powerful, fast and tailored backup management solution? Contact our friendly team today!

We'd be glad to meet with you, understand your needs and help your business to take its next steps to assured data integrity and security.

Our Powerful Veeam Backup Platform

Using the most powerful tools on the market.

We're a leading UK-based data backup and recovery partner, one of only five businesses in the UK to be certified with Veeam as a curated provider of choice of compliant, secure and customisable data backup and recovery services.

Highly customisable, powerful and able to offer granular backup and recovery tools, Veeam makes it possible to meet even the most complex of backup and recovery needs in a seamless way.

EO Backup's Veeam Cloud and Service Provider Silver badge, which certifies them as a Veeam partner for business data backup and recovery

Comprehensive Microsoft 365 and Salesforce Backups

Fully backup your Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint and Exchange data, as well as your Salesforce data and metadata. If you just use one of these platforms, no problem! We will still be able to meet your backup needs.

Precise and Easy Data Restoration

Tap into fully granular and structured data recovery to defined recovery points within your Microsoft 365 and Salesforce clients, making it easy to get back on the road.

Highly Configurable

Our service and Veeam's powerful features offer a lot of customisability over your data backup and restoration needs. Choose your data, how often it's backed up and how long it is retained for, as well as backup and restoration points within your hosting infrastructure.


Our datacentres for your backups are ISO 27001 certified and based only in the UK and use Amazon AWS. With robust security and our highly customisable solution, we make configuring and and managing your data backups compliantly a breeze for your business.

Data Backup and recovery for Microsoft 365

Ensure your Teams, Outlook, Exchange and Sharepoint Data are Securely Backed up

80% of data loss incidents involve Microsoft 365 data, which can be lost due to user error and cyber attacks alike. We offer a full solution for backing up your key Microsoft Sharepoint, Outlook, Exchange and Teams data, which can be configured to meet your operational needs and compliance requirements.

Data Backup And Recovery For Salesforce

Salesforce data and metadata backup and recovery.

Ensure your customer, sales, marketing and metadata are fully backed up and recoverable. Most losses of Salesforce data occur due to user error, integrations and overwrites. By using our backup service, we eliminate this problem for you, ensuring your latest data is restorable and fully reflects the structure and layout of your data on your Salesforce client.

Book A Demo With Our Friendly Team​

Have questions? Want to hit the ground running with the breadth and depth of our Veeam-powered backup and recovery platform? Book a demo with us today!