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Salesforce Backup

Protect your Salesforce CRM data with a UK-hosted secure cloud-based backup.

Salesforce don't backup your data for you

Users of Salesforce are responsible for protecting their own data

The data you hold within Salesforce is not protected by a backup. If any of the following should occur, your data may not be recoverable unless you have your own independent Salesforce backup service...

Data is the beating heart of any modern business, and the data residing in your Salesforce CRM is likely some of the most important to your operation.

Don't let your Salesforce data go without a backup.

Laptop using Salesforce Backup

Salesforce Backup and Recovery by EO Backup

Hosted and protected in the UK, powered by Veeam

EO Backup for Salesforce enables you to easily configure and automatically backup your Salesforce data using our Veeam powered cloud platform.

Our service provides a wealth of features for granular backup, discovery and recovery that eliminates the risks of data loss, by maintaining backups that align fully with UK data sovereignty requirement using our highly secure and ISO27001 certified UK-based data centres.

Backup your Salesforce data today.

EO Salesforce Backup Server Room

Say goodbye to data loss

Easy Restore and Backup Services

When data loss strikes, our Backup for Salesforce service makes it uncomplicated and quick to undertake granular recoveries to specified restore points in your backup history.
Due to the complex and highly configurable nature of Salesforce, the most common risk of data loss is user-error or overwrites from imports and integrations. We make it easy to eliminate these risks for your business with our product powered by Veeam, the world's #1 data backup and recovery software provider.

Secure data backup to UK AWS

Ensure data sovereignty requirements are met with EO Backup for Salesforce

We're a UK based company with datacentres across highly secure locations in the UK. When you use the Veeam platform and our service, we help you ensure that your regulated sensitive data remains compliant with data sovereignty requirements under regulations such as GDPR and remains secure.

Microsoft 365 Backup & Salesforce Backup Hosting
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Veeam Licensing

Pay for your users and enjoy unlimited data usage

Veeam offers free community licensing for up to 50 users on Salesforce.

There are three kinds of licensing you can use for Salesforce: Community (free for up to 50 users), BYOL (Bring Your Own License), and you can buy licenses directly from us. We can help you to choose the most cost-effective and encompassing Veeam licensing package for your business that fully meets your backup needs.

Backup your Salesforce data today.

Why should I backup Salesforce?

Extended Backup Retention with EO Backup for Salesforce

Salesforce’s native backup feature has several limitations that can compromise your data security and recovery. It only retains data for 90 days, does not back up metadata automatically, and requires manual intervention to restore data and metadata. Our Backup for Salesforce (VBSF) solution overcomes these challenges and provides you with a superior backup and recovery experience.

With VBSF you get a UK-based solution that provides the secure storage and protection of your data in our state-of-the-art data centres, ensuring strict adherence to data sovereignty and privacy regulations. With our robust data loss prevention measures, you can effortlessly back up and restore both data and metadata in your Salesforce organization, ensuring impeccable accuracy and preventing any risk of data loss or corruption. Rest easy with the assurance of our proven backup and recovery software, driven by Veeam and trusted by millions of customers globally. As specialist Veeam partners in the UK, we provide top-notch service and support, offering you unparalleled peace of mind for your data management needs.

Console within a Backup Environment

Our Salesforce Backup Service Features

Comprehensive, easy and highly customisable, our Salesforce backup service makes it easier than ever before to empower business continuity, data protection, and data recovery

Comprehensive and Configurable Backups

Fully backup your Salesforce data and metadata to our secure, UK-based cloud hosted environment. Configure your backups' scope and granularity and enjoy near- real time backups of your data.

Safeguard Your Salesforce Data

Backup your contacts, interactions, custom fields, and your meta data while preserving their structure at each point in time, making it easy to conduct data discovery and recoveries that restore your data as intended to your Salesforce organisation.

Easy and Flexible Data Recovery

Restore any of your Salesforce backup jobs easily within minutes with full and highly tailored granular recoveries. Our intuitive interface and diverse array of dozens of recovery tools make managing your backup data seamless.

EO Backup for Salesforce Data Protection Pricing

Under 50 users?

£79 Per Organization and:
£ £2
Per User*
  • FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE (only available by contacting sales)


*If you’re an enterprise and would like a different plan, please contact us

Backup your Salesforce data today.

EO Backup for Salesforce FAQ

How do I manage the EO Backup for Salesforce service?

You can use the EO Backup Customer Portal to access the service and the Veeam interface to use it. The EO Backup Customer Portal and Veeam Backup for Salesforce interface allows you to:

  • Configure your Salesforce backup
  • Set your Salesforce backup scope and retention period
  • Access self-service restore tools
  • Open customer support and billing tickets
  • View your invoices

Your Salesforce data will be backed up once daily. More frequent backups are possible.

Please Get in Touch with us to discuss your backup schedule requirement.

EO Backup backups use Veeam’s Salesforce backup software.

The limitations of the Veeam backup software are listed here:


There are three licence options available.

Customers can bring their own licences, we can resell Veeam Backup for Salesforce licences to customers or you can go sign up online here.

We provide a private containerised processing instance of the Veeam Backup for Salesforce software to each individual customer.

We manage the AWS resources for each private instance.

We also look after the security of each instance which includes applying software updates to the operating system and Veeam software components.

How do you keep backup data safe?

We take the security of our backups very seriously. To ensure the safety of your data, we encrypt all data in transit and at rest. Additionally, we follow the ISO27001 standard for information security management.

We are dedicated to limiting both technical and social attack vectors. In order to achieve this, we only accept electronic service tickets as a means of contact regarding the services we provide to you. Furthermore, access to our service desk is strictly controlled through the required use of individual user two-factor authentication (2FA).

We also never publish case studies about our backup customers.

Yes, access to the EO Backup Customer Portal requires multi-factor authentication for all enrolled users.

Yes, all employees are security screened.

Are you an established company? Where are you based?

EO Backup is a service by Extraordinary Managed Services Ltd. We are a United Kingdom based business, with offices in London and Edinburgh.

We have been providing data protection solutions to customers for over 20 years. In that time, we have protected the data of a wide range of organizations, including small businesses, banks, insurers, and government organisations. Our extensive experience and expertise in data protection have made us a trusted provider of these services to customers in a variety of industries

No, all customer metadata is processed in the United Kingdom.

Are credit and debit card details held securely?

Yes. Your credit and debit card details for initial and recurring payments are processed and stored by our payment gateway provider who are Level 1 PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Please Get in Touch with us to order.

Ordering via the website will be available soon.